Kenza Coleman's Blog

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Someone, anyone please fire Donald Trump…

...the guy is so condescending, so full of himself. How anyone can look up to him is beyond me... in no way should he be a role model.

Having money is one thing. Having grace, class and wisdom is another. One without the other(s) is worthless. And soon enough, "The Donald" will realize that he is worthless as all he's got is money. And money is definitely not buying him any much needed human qualities he so lacks. The way he treats other human beings on the show, including his own pions, is sad to watch.

How you get there is as important as getting there. And once you're at the top, looking down on other people and acting as if you were above them is a sign of weakness (and a small willy), because it's too easy. "The Donald" should get himself a good wig, fire himself off the show and save us all the torture of watching him embarrass himself. He should go back to conducting business and walking all over people he pays enough money to be walked all over.